9worlds_fanfic (9worlds_fanfic) wrote,

Wondering what Nine Worlds Geekfest is like?

The second Nine Worlds Geekfest will be taking place 8-10 August 2014 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel, Heathrow in London.
  • You can find links to writeups of and watch a video about 2013 here.
  • Our independent feedback report from 2013 is here.
  • Individual track pages for 2014 are linked from here.
  • Accessibility information is here,
  • FAQs, including hotel and travel information, are here.
  • A set of pre-con information podcasts is going up here. So far volunteers, fanfic, vendors, cosplay and ents podcasts are available. There are more to come!
If you have questions about *any* aspect of the Nine Worlds, you can email us on fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk and we’ll get someone to answer you asap.

As well as being here on Dreamwidth (crossposted to Livejournal), the fanfic track is on:

Twitter at @9Worldsfanfic
Tumblr at nineworldsfanfic
Twitter is best for up to the minute information. We use Dreamwidth/Livejournal for longer announcements, which we will link to from Tumblr and Twitter.

You can follow general con announcements and information at @London_Geekfest.
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