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Nine Fanwork Recs at Nine Worlds 2014

We promised to put the fanwork links up from the Nine Fanwork Recs item we ran on Friday. We had great fun with this one. Each speaker had an allotted 7 minutes to tell us about their favourite fanwork, timed by Bruce the singing, samba-dancing, robot kitchen timer. Bruce seems to have lost his voice, which was a relief to everyone after last year.

</a>First up was Tanya, reccing the Inception fic Towards Zero by Mirabella. She started with an Inception primer, and the audience seemed to appreciate the comparative structure diagrams from the movie and the fic. Also, the tech worked. Praise all the Gods!

Next was Pip Janssen, with the Marvel series Space Electric by Icarus_Chained. Pip spoke very eloquently about why she loves these stories, and made me want to read them immediately. But if I do that, the recs will never be finished, so it's going to have to wait a while.

Alex Civita spoke next about the Sherlock Phantom of the Opera AU fic Bel Canto by Bendingsignpost. Alex came to Nine Worlds last year to tell us about the amazing Bel Canto Opera Project, which is a collaborative effort to write the opera that Sherlock writes in the fic. The project is currently stalled, but what's been done so far is stunningly good. If you're into opera and would like to help, please get in touch via the project Tumblr. We are still harbouring a long-term ambition to stage the world premiere at Nine Worlds one year.

Elizabeth Minkel recced the Torchwood threesome story We Held Gold Dust in Our Hands by Amand-r. It's not the threesome you might expect. The illustrations were very pretty... What was I saying, again?

Emily Robbins had asked if she could rec two fics. We thought this was fine. We can't count. She chose two from the Phantom of the Opera fandom, which define it for her: A Stroll on Sunday by Antiquarianne, and He's There by ladybow8, which is not currently on line. The author's blog about it is here, explaining that it's currently being re-written.

Emily W recced the Harry Potter story Stop All the Clocks (This Is the Last Time I'm Leaving Without You) by firethesound. We know that Emily likes darkfic, and this sounded absolutely heartbreaking. Maybe we'll read it when we're less tired and emotional.

Kari Sperring recommended the Blake's Seven fanvid Ground beneath her feet by Zukalis. This was exciting because we were able to show the vid to the audience - ruined only by Kate suddenly realising that the sound was probably bleeding through the dividing walls, and we were inflicting U2 on the Creative Writing and Allofthebooks tracks! Hence the sudden reduction in volume. Sorry about that.

Nat Wilkinson gave a presentation on the Star Trek (2009) story Switch, by Ceres_Libera. It was quite emphatic, beginning with the document title (FYEAHSWITCH). I think Nat wants us to read it.

The finale consisted of Tony presenting on the Marvel story Steve Rogers at 100, by eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya, and tigrrmilk. This has fanworks of its own, including a movie trailer. We showed it. Steve Rogers at 100 will always define Nine Worlds 2014 for us. Big thanks to the authors for writing it, and to The Coven (thanks Twitter) for showing up at the con and talking about it on the Collaborative Fanworks panel.

Anyway, go read/watch these stories. Don't forget to pay attention to the tags, warnings and ratings though!
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