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Nine Worlds Fanfic at Loncon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention

So, Nine Worlds 2014 is over. We don't know about you, but we could sleep for a month! Thanks to all who participated, whether as panellists or audience. You took our programme ideas and turned them into a truly wonderful reality, and we love you for it.

There will be an opportunity for formal feedback-giving quite soon, but if you have any burning issues you want to tell us about, or programme ideas for next year that just can't wait, then email us on fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk. You might not get a terribly prompt reply though, because...

Nine Worlds Fanfic is off to Loncon 3 on Thursday! Here's our schedule:

Fandoms are Fabulous (Kate and Tanya)
Thursday 16:30 - 17:30, Fanac Tent (ExCeL)

In this session we will be able to share our joy for our fandoms, whether for a book, television show, author, character, actor, relationship, spaceship, car, talking animal or anything else we can think of. Bring along readymade memorabilia or materials to make your own posters (PG rating please). We will have paper, glue and undoubtedly some glitter! If you don't want to make anything or bring something along, this will still be a fun space to come and see what people enjoy and to meet some like-minded folk. At the end of the session we will have some space available to keep posters up throughout the weekend!

This session is being run in conjunction with the Nine Worlds convention fandom track organizers, Kate and Tanya. If you went to Nine Worlds and had a poster there, why not bring it along to Loncon and continue to share your enthusiasm!

Megan Waples, Emma England, Kate Keen, Tanya Brown

If you made a poster at Nine Worlds and left it with us, we'll be taking it along for this session.

After that (so, Thursday 5.30-7pm) we'll be running our regular weekly fanfic writing date, concurrently with River who will be hosting in Starbucks on Minories as usual. The convention location is TBC, but it will be somewhere in the fan village and we'll have a sign.

We will also be running workshops and sessions in the Transformative Fandom space in the fan village. These are not in the programme guide, but will be advertised in the fan village ahead of time:

Friday 11am-1pm
Fic-related games and challenges

Friday 3-4.30pm
Crossovers & AUs workshop

Saturday 11am-1pm
Fic-related games and challenges

Sunday 3-4pm
Beta-reading workshop

We'll be playing Slash: Romance Without Boundaries in the games sessions (as well as some other games and fic challenges), and we do still have a few copies for sale at £20. So come and see us if you want one. Or just come and hang out with us anyway!
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