9worlds_fanfic (9worlds_fanfic) wrote,

Reminder: Weekly Fanfic Writing Dates in London

Weekly fanfic writing dates continue on Thursday evenings, in Starbucks on Minories in London between 5-7.30pm. These are hosted by River, who will normally have Untitled the stuffed penguin on display as a not-terribly-secret sign. We try to colonise the long table in front of the counter.

All are welcome, and you can do any type of writing (or editing, or beta-reading), but fanfic is the plan. Writing rather than chatting is also the plan, but if the muse isn’t present, of course you can indulge in chat with anyone else suffering the same problem. Ludi and Kate will be there as often as possible, and we provide cover if River can’t make it.

Especially helpful for Yuletide suffering fun!
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