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Follow-up to the 2014 Sexuality and Fanfic Roundtable

[personal profile] piratemoggy kindly moderated a roundtable on sexuality and fanfic last year. Here's the description we used:

The panel discuss the depiction of sexuality in fanfic. Many fanwriters are writing about sex acts that are outside their experience: others may be projecting their own experiences and fantasies onto canon characters. Why do some writers depict a particular character as generally straight, but 'gay for [insert name here]'? How accurate / credible are fanfic depictions of sex and sexuality? Why does it matter if we get things wrong?

That's where we started. Where we ended up was a lot more complex. Feedback has suggested that we ought to follow up some of the issues raised in more detail.

If you were at the panel, what would you like us to focus on this year? We'd also like to hear from anyone who wasn't there, if they have suggestions on this topic.

Anonymous posting is enabled and all suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!
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